What does it Mean to be DBYD Certified

As a response to the Bibra Lake incident in 1984, where a high-pressure gas line was punctured by a bulldozer and resulted in significant damage in the area, the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) organisation was created.

Dial Before You Dig is a National Not-For-Profit group of State Entities consisting of Member organisations from Australia’s infrastructure asset owners and non-asset owners.

DBYD is focused on educating stakeholders and promoting safe digging practices across all parties working in and around underground assets and infrastructure and provides the best possible access to plans and information directly from asset owners of utility services.

How Does it Work?

The DBYD group serves as a single point of contact where exchange of information about buried infrastructure networks can easily occur between the asset owners and the prospective job site. Through this practice, potential damage to underground assets and workers or persons is significantly mitigated.

To minimise the risk of any job site running into underground asset-related setbacks that can lead to work interruptions, costly repairs, or even loss of life, it’s best to engage with the services of DBYD Certified Locator or organisation who can undertake the initial DBYD enquiry and then facilitate the interpretation, identification and validation of the underground infrastructure.

Utility ID is a DBYD Certified Locating Organisation

The Utility ID team is the only DBYD-certified hydro vacuum excavation experts in Toowoomba. You can turn to us for various jobs that require non-destructive digging and underground asset location services.

At Utility ID, we take care of all DBYD administrative tasks and ensure all necessary plans have been obtained and follow industry best practice to identify, pothole and protect underground services to guarantee you peace of mind to proceed with your project.

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