Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground penetrating radar is utilised to locate non-conductive underground services and infrastructure such as PVC, poly, concrete and asbestos pipes and conduits that are inaccessible via other means. GPR technology uses high-frequency radio waves to detect reflected signals from subsurface services and structures.

Utility ID use GPR in conjunction with electronic service locating to find a wider range of materials and to identify changes in geology, and underground voids and cracks.

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Duty Of Care

We are fully qualified underground service locators being DBYD certified and Telstra and Optus accredited. This guarantees duty of care obligations to minimise any chance of damaging services. All our work is carried out in accordance with AS5488-2013 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information’ providing you assurance of a safe, reliable, and quality service.

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Every site is unique and has different complexities and that is why we tailor our approach to suit your project whilst keeping in line with the utility owner’s duty of care requirements. If you need a competent underground cable locator service, you are in the right place!


Serving the Following Areas

We provide utility locating services, including cable and pipe location services, in all areas on the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley, including Toowoomba, Dalby, Warwick, Gatton, Roma, Kingaroy and more. No matter the size of your project, we’ve got you covered.

Although GPR technology is constantly evolving, it is currently limited by factors like highly conductive soils, dense clays and soils that are salt contaminated.

Nonetheless, GPR is still the largest advancement in recent times for the location of underground buried services and infrastructure, and is the only real option for locating pipes, conduits and ducts that are made of non-conductive materials.

Combine our GPR and electronic service locating with our in-house Vacuum Excavation service to guarantee complete protection of all underground utilities and risk minimisation on your next project. Call 0401 202 515 today to get a quote.

Why Use Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Non-invasive, non-destructive

Utility locating without having to disrupt the surface. GPR is safe to use on a variety of surfaces and utility lines.

Identifying and locating the position and specifications of underground services

Locating tricky utilities

GPR is excellent at locating utilities that don’t respond well to conventional service locating techniques. If the ground conditions are right, GPR can be your only non-invasive solution to locating underground services.

Identifying and locating the position and specifications of underground services

Quick deployment

Ground penetrating radar can be deployed and used onsite quickly, requiring minimal set up and no clean-ups. This facilitates efficient decision making and faster project completion with less downtime.

Identifying and locating the position and specifications of underground services

Real-time data

GPR provides real-time data and imaging of underground utilities, giving you instant feedback and better monitoring of your site. This is particularly useful for exploratory projects or survey and mapping your underground services.

Areas We Service

When it comes to Ground Penetrating Radar services in the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley, Utility ID has long been the top choice. We are based in Toowoomba and service all areas in the region, including:

We have worked with Sam and the team from Utility ID for many years to help with the safe planning of our drilling, excavation works and service mapping. They are a highly professional team, and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

Lucas Talbot

Efficient and professional Sam responded to my initial enquiry very quickly and was at the job site that afternoon. His professional manner and evident knowledge of the work required, put my mind at ease. I would recommend Utility ID again.

Sally Keynes

We originally engaged Utility ID to locate transformers that been lost through 17 years of fit-outs and building modifications, a task that multiple locating firms had failed to achieve. Sam attended site outside of business hours, and not only found the transformers but also identified the entire in-slab cable run within 90 minutes.

Sam's professionalism, commitment to safety and willingness to go the extra mile have ensured that Utility ID is our underground service locators of choice.

Chris F

We’ve been using Utility ID for a number of years now and are very happy with their prompt, reliable service. Sam and Chris are always professional, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to put safety first.

Paul Sheppard

I'd highly recommend Utility ID - Sam came over before I started building a carport, both services he found were directly below where he had marked them. The power going to my shed was a lot shallower than expected as well, so he definitely saved us from damaging it when we dug the footings. I also had to carefully dig down to find the stormwater as the new downpipes had to be connected to the existing pipe, so it made it a lot easier knowing where it was.

Ben Gosper

Why Choose Utility ID?

Our team has decades of combined experience in the actual construction and installation of the underground assets that we now locate and protect. This is the point of difference that cements our position as leaders in the industry.

We are the only DBYD certified underground service locator to offer in-house hydro vacuum excavation in the region, saving our client’s time and money.

Have an upcoming design project?

At Utility ID we have a true passion for the accurate survey of underground services and are specialists in servicing the Survey and design industry. We understand the importance of identifying not only the services depth and alignment but also it’s attributes such as size and material type. We know how critical this is for design and how costly a mistake could be once construction phase is reached. If you are a surveyor needing to include the existing underground services layer in an upcoming project, call Utility ID to see how easy the process really can be from start to finish.


Does GPR work in all conditions and on all surfaces?

Unfortunately not. The effectiveness of Ground Penetrating Radar is affected by many factors including soil type and density, moisture content, mineral content, the size and depth of the target trying to be located and the presence of other existing underground items or anomalies. An example of GPR’s worst operating conditions would be attempting to find a small target in wet and heavy clay soils. An example of GPR’s best operating conditions would be attempting to find a large target in dry and sandy soil conditions.

What is Ground Penetrating Radar used for?

GPR is used to detect underground utilities or structures or voids that are non-conductive and cannot be detected through electromagnetic equipment.

Utility ID use GPR in conjunction with the latest electromagnetic equipment to increase the chances of locating any unknown services or structures

What is Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. GPR is a non-invasive method whereby high-frequency radio waves are transmitted into the ground. When the wave hits a buried object the receiving antenna records variation in the return signal which creates variations in the locating technicians’ data feed.

Work with Ground Penetrating Radar Experts

When you need accurate and reliable location of underground utilities, Utility ID’s expert GPR services will help get the job done right. Whether your project involves survey and design, construction or exploratory work, our experienced underground service locators can do the job for you. With our extensive knowledge and wide range of equipment, we can gain precise location and information of your underground services, helping you complete your project on time and on budget. Contact us today to get a quote.

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