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Utility ID Underground Service Locators utilise the most advanced electromagnetic technology to accurately locate known and unknown cables, pipes and assets by identifying the position, alignment and depth to form a comprehensive overview of what lies beneath the ground.

Our team has extensive experience in the actual construction and installation of the underground services that we now locate and protect. This is the point of difference that cements our position as leaders in the industry.

We are the only DBYD certified underground service locator to offer in-house hydro vacuum excavation in the region, saving our client’s time and money.

Experience & Professionalism

Duty Of Care

We are fully qualified and highly experienced underground service locators being DBYD Certified and Optus Accredited. This guarantees you are doing everything to meet your duty of care obligations to minimise any chance of damages. All our work is carried out in accordance with AS5488-2013 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information’ providing you assurance of a safe, reliable, and quality service.

Industry Leading Rates

Tailored to Your Assets

Every site is unique and has different complexities and that is why we tailor our approach to suit your project whilst keeping in line with the utility owner’s duty of care requirements.


Serving the Following Areas

We provide utility locating services in all areas on the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley, including Toowoomba, Dalby, Warwick, Gatton, Roma, Kingaroy, and more. No matter the size of your project, we’ve got you covered.

Identifying and locating the position and specifications of underground cables and pipes greatly minimises the risk of costly damage from excavation or other construction works.

Service check your project for finding:

  • Copper communication cables
  • Fibre optic communication cables
  • High and low-voltage electrical cables
  • Gas lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Water and drainage lines
  • Stormwater lines
  • Fuel lines
  • Poly pipes
  • And more!

Guarantee the complete protection and risk minimisation on your next project.

The Right Tools for the Job

Due to the many variables relating to the size, structure and material of below-ground networks around Australia, locating underground services requires many different types of equipment and techniques. That’s why at Utility ID, we ensure we always use the right tools for the job. We’ve armed ourselves with a variety of electronic locators and a broad range of transponders, allowing adaptability to suit different conditions and the material of the buried service/utility.


Low-Frequency Utility Locator

  • Suitable for locating pipes or cables that are clear of obstructions
  • Can travel long distances in ideal conditions
  • Not suitable for soil or sites with high resistance
Underground Service Locating

Medium-Frequency Utility Locator

  • Suitable for utility lines that are conductive
  • Less likely to pick up ambient noise
  • Ideal for locating services within a reasonable distance and relatively good soil conditions

High-Frequency Utility Locator

  • Ideal for locating utilities that are more difficult to detect
  • Can detect utilities through resistant materials beneath the surface (e.g. rubber coatings or insulations)
Underground Service Locating

Broad Range Transponder Locator

  • Capable of locating different types of transponders
  • Suitable for projects that involve transponders and similar marking equipment

Areas We Service

When it comes to asset location in the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley, Utility ID has long been the top choice. We are based in Toowoomba and visit all areas in the region, including:

We have worked with Sam and the team from Utility ID for many years to help with the safe planning of our drilling, excavation works and service mapping. They are a highly professional team, and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

Lucas Talbot

Efficient and professional Sam responded to my initial enquiry very quickly and was at the job site that afternoon. His professional manner and evident knowledge of the work required, put my mind at ease. I would recommend Utility ID again.

Sally Keynes

We originally engaged Utility ID to locate transformers that been lost through 17 years of fit-outs and building modifications, a task that multiple locating firms had failed to achieve. Sam attended site outside of business hours, and not only found the transformers but also identified the entire in-slab cable run within 90 minutes.

Sam's professionalism, commitment to safety and willingness to go the extra mile have ensured that Utility ID is our underground service locators of choice.

Chris F

We’ve been using Utility ID for a number of years now and are very happy with their prompt, reliable service. Sam and Chris are always professional, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to put safety first.

Paul Sheppard

I'd highly recommend Utility ID - Sam came over before I started building a carport, both services he found were directly below where he had marked them. The power going to my shed was a lot shallower than expected as well, so he definitely saved us from damaging it when we dug the footings. I also had to carefully dig down to find the stormwater as the new downpipes had to be connected to the existing pipe, so it made it a lot easier knowing where it was.

Ben Gosper

Why Choose Utility ID?

Our team has extensive experience in the actual construction and installation of the below-the-surface pipes, cables and assets that we now locate and protect. This is the point of difference that cements our position as leaders in the industry.

Have an upcoming design project?

At Utility ID we have a true passion for the accurate survey of buried services and are specialists in servicing the Survey and design industry. We understand the importance of identifying not only the depth and alignment of the services but also its attributes such as size and material type. We know how critical this is for design and how costly a mistake could be once the construction phase is reached. If you are a surveyor needing to include the existing sub-surface services layer in an upcoming project, call Utility ID to see how easy the process really can be from start to finish.


What do I need to do to ensure my legal obligations prior to commencing excavation?

Engage an experienced certified and fully insured locating company, like Utility ID, that can do the planning, preparation, potholing and protection of underground utilities in house to ensure all duty of care requirements are being met with minimal hassle, increasing your project productivity and minimising cost. Once Utility ID have conducted our work, you will need to comply to all outcomes provided by us and to keep all Dial Before You Dig plans until all digging and excavation has been completed. Dial Before You Dig plans will have an expiration date and you will still be liable if damage occurs during excavation and your plans have expired. If your project has been delayed after we have completed our work, please contact us again to further discuss the circumstances once you have a firm date of when excavation is to occur.  

I have the Dial Before You Dig plans, why do I need a Locator?

Plans are merely step one of the process and they do not provide the exact location, route and depth of the services. Rather they are typically a simple line diagram or schematic for awareness purposes only. Also not all utility asset owner’s register with Dial Before You Dig, meaning there is likely unknown services in the vicinity of your project. So for any construction project, big or small, you must ensure that an experienced certified locator, like Utility ID, is engaged at the commencement to provide you with the assurance that your duty of care obligations are being met and to avoid potential conflicts and costly delays at the construction phase of your project.

What is a DBYD Certified Locator?

DBYD Certified Locators have a nationally recognised industry qualification that distinguishes them from ‘DIY’ or self-authorised locators. With DBYD certification there is no need to guess whether the locator you are hiring is competent. Hiring locators that are not DBYD certified may be putting your business and the community at risk.

Utility ID are a DBYD certified locating organisation with DBYD certified locators.

What is Dial Before You Dig?

Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) are an online central repository of utility owner plans for the underground networks, dial before you dig are also the governing certification body for the underground service locating industry.

Why do I need to locate underground services?

There is a whole world of infrastructure that has been placed underground to provide services such as power, water, internet, gas, sewer etc for our day to day lives. Due to the large amount of services underground the network is complex and intricate making design and excavation around existing infrastructure difficult.

To ensure these services or utility assets are recorded accurately in a design phase or not struck and damaged in a construction or excavation phase, they need to be located at the commencement of the project. This will reduce overall project costs, minimise project risk, increase safety and protect against costly damages and liabilities.

Industry best practice is known as the 5Ps – Plan, Prepare, Pothole, Protect and Proceed. At Utility ID we conduct the first 4 essential steps in house so you can Proceed safely and lawfully with your project.

What is underground service locating?

Underground service locating is achieved by a combination of different methods and devices to find infrastructure that is buried underground. There are many terms to describe underground infrastructure including, services (most common description), utilities, assets or more simply underground cables or pipes. The most effective methods include electro-magnetic locating, Ground Penetrating Radar, and potholing or strip trenching via vacuum excavation. At Utility ID we undertake all these services in house providing you with the full end to end service locating facility, saving you time and money.

Utility Locating Services You Can Trust

When you need precision and reliability in utility locating services, you can't go past Utility ID. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in underground service locating and can undertake the job as safely and efficiently as possible. With our extensive knowledge and wide range of up to date equipment, we can gain accurate information efficiently, helping you complete your underground service locator toowoomba project on time and on budget Contact us today to get a quote.

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